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Game Architect / Designer

Game Architect / Designer

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  • Full Time
  • Gift city, Gandhinagar

Role and Responsibility:

  • Game Designers are charged with developing game concepts whether they be their own original
    idea, a commissioned idea or a game based on another medium such as a film.
  • Whatever the scope of the task, the role of the Game Designer requires a mix of creative,
    managerial and technical responsibilities.

Must Have:

  • Design and develop the original concept.
  • Construct level structure.
  • Incept storyline, character bios, dialogue, plot points, game objective.
  • Storyboard the action of the game.
  • Conceive every element of the game including rules, setting, objects, vehicles, weapons, flora, fauna, etc,
  • Direct action sequences.
  • Define user interface, menus and controls.
  • Generate the Game Design Document (GDD).
  • Decide on the devices and platforms on which the game is played.
  • Define the user experience.
  • Work with programmers to design the back end of the game.
  • Research target audience to understand what they want in the game.
  • Create storyboards and write scripts.
  • Reviewing quality assurance testing, and follow up on feedback.
  • Oversee the distribution roll-out.
  • Mid-level to strong knowledge in Unity, i.e. C# will be an advantage

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