Welcome to the actual gaming world of online casino games. Anyone in the slot game development industry will understand the value of the games and the assets that make them slot games. One thing here is essential, and it is to be up-to-date with these different types of casino slot assets.

The players get attracted to different online casino games due to their stylish, modern, and thematic appearance on the online slots. It is considered quite soothing and appealing to the audience fascinated with the overall game and playable features.

A prevalent challenge across the online casino industry is reviving and regenerating the old slot games. Considering this practice, the team has to put a lot of effort into relaunching them on a new platform with a new idea or concept and reskin them. From code optimization to slot craftwork creation, many things are required to make slots popular again.

Each online slot game designed and developed has different components and assets that must be considered. The aspects of online slot games demand a change in regular intervals; thus, modification, reskinning, transitions, and aesthetic feel for the various ambitious match are required.

The concept of online slot games is based on two core pillars. These two game design features are,

  • Thematic Slots
  • Online Slot Game Franchise

Let us now check the difference between the two.

The online slot game offers varied spinning reel options with different paylines. At the same time, thematic slots have character-centric online casino games. The themes designed have multiple storylines, features, and bonuses that help players engage themselves with the game.

Today's article discusses different slots that are the true asset to online casino games.

In total, we are discussing ten different online slot game assets that appear to be game development and design pillars.


The online casino slot games that appear online are incomplete unless they have symbols appeared in them. These symbols appear on the spinning reels. It is the art that is the most requested asset in slot games. It can constantly be redesigned with animation and visual effects (VFX). These symbols are further divided into several types. Let us explore a few of them.

  • Low-Value Symbols

    It has the lowest payouts of winning combinations. Here the low-value symbols denote alphabets and numbers. The ratio of these symbols are most-frequent and has no mechanical functionality in addition. The characters are (A, J, K, Q, and 9,10,0).

  • Middle-Value Symbols

    The valuation of the payout considered here is average. These symbols are represented in the form of objects and are highlighted graphically.

  • High-Value Symbols

    The type of symbol itself denotes its use. The player here gets the chance to win the maximum value of the payouts with a great winning combination. The fall rate here is low and always has additional mechanics sources. The high-value symbols are wild, scatter, and bonus.

Each symbol is designed to have a unique concept to fit the game theme of the virtual slot machine. Also, each slot symbol designed reflects its potential for the playing and winning outcome.

Slot Reels Grid

The design of the slot reel grid depends on the game's theme and the slots' style. This situation depends upon the scenario if it is related to the visual appearance of the grid. Also, to note here is that the grid here is not the one that is hardcoded into the slot UI.

A slot reel is an essential asset in online casino games. It is because of its design and the unique layout that has customization. Also, it impacts the process of its visual effect, animations, and intelligent references that trigger the game and the player.

In a thematic slot game, the slot reel grid plays the outcome of contributes to the design aspect in the form of storytelling. It is a crucial aspect of online slot casino games.

Mini-Game Assets

In online slots, mini-games or bonus games are much more popular. They attract and engage the player in the game and its activities. Also, it turns out to be a rewarding and fun-filled gaming experience.

There are three significant types of bonus games that the players actively look for and use:

  • Matching Games
  • Choosing the Game
  • Mapping the Progressive Bonus

It further continues with the style of the mini-game. Not based on it, the game will have custom UI, symbols, animations, backgrounds, and other such gaming content.

Slot Game Typography

Typography is known as true art. In the slot game, this method is a whole set of procedures to create smooth fonts. These fonts are readable and reusable. Moreover, these fonts should go with the game theme and focus on the slot game.

In the process of developing slot games, typography plays an essential role. This asset's work here highlights the style and atmosphere of the complete game and its features. To avoid rework of the designer, the team here needs to check to get a good look and feel for the game with slot game typography.

In-Game Purchases Assets

The best way to make a significant income from the online slot game app is to monetize the slot game with the option of assets in-game purchases. It is an add-on technique that increases the customer experience for the players and gamers.

The design of slot games requires in-game data such as currencies, bonus games, reels, and objects, to name a few.

The use of this asset in an online casino is all about excellent and high-quality assets that are sophisticated to ensure in-direct app purchases. To sum up, it can be said that it is a more comfortable and reliable process in terms of exchanging the spins' crystals and paying for the spins directly.

UI Design

UI/UX design plays an essential role in all aspects. While creating any plan for an online game, the designer must think about many elements. The perspective here is to keep the audience connected with the game and keep in mind what the players are expecting while playing online casino games.

A perfectly designed game with good UI/UX design will always add charm to the work. Also, it can be reworked and reskinned promptly. Not only this but new features and ideas can always be added in the later stage if and when required.

Game Background

In online casino games, the game's background also matters a lot. The background designed and created can be dynamic or static, depending on the game's development. To give the player a good gaming feel and ambiance, it is necessary to have a soothing and playable game background.

Winning Screen

For players' engagement and gratification, a win screen in a slot game plays one of the crucial roles. It is a common perspective of the player when they are delighted to see their win on the screen. It is when the players get rewarded for their player after their gameplay. A common outcome when the player receives motivation is when they get rewarded and motivated by other players to play more and engage in gaming.


A common perspective found in the players is that they seek socialization when playing online casino slot games. Thus, they view having a scoreboard/ leaderboard that drives them to be in the game. It also adds the aspect of competition and challenge of the slot game. Not only this, but it also helps the players keep track of their game progress and their rank in the game. This aspect affects the player to play more aggressively if they see anything involving their position on the leaderboard.


The coding of the game plays an important role. From the game's inception to its final development, multiple coding levels need to be taken care of. From the aspect of close collaboration with the 2D and 3D art teams to 3D animation game development, Gameium provides full-cycle slot game development services. The complete code development process for its application is a personal asset to the online casino gaming industry.

Wrapping Up

Gameium is the leading gaming station that offers a wide range of online casino games for players and gamers across the globe. Online casino games are incomplete unless it has these types of different slot assets. It is the base on which online casino slot games are designed, developed, and acknowledged by the players.